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MediCal does not pay for "medically necessary treatment" for mental illnesses--and only guarantees treatment for physical illnesses. Mental illness Treatment is isolated from mainstream health care. This is the choice of the California Legislature and the Governor. Help expose the inhumane results that cost lives and waste money. Join our Action Partnership to win Equality. Right To Treatment campaign must change state laws that are the source of discrimination and stigma of mental illnesses. 
​​​No right to treatment of serious mental illness with medicaid managed care. We aim to end the discrimination and stigma inflicted by state policies-- ensure the integrity of spending for fully funded Systems of Care.


WELCOME to Mental Illness FACTS© 
FACTS stands for Family And Consumer True Stories - Your stories have a powerful impact in our campaign for an equal right to treatment of serious mental illnesses. To submit your stories, join us now and email your message.
HELP WIN EQUAL RIGHTS. POST your True Stories--reveal consequences of discrimination.

FACTS is an action partnership, founded in 2010 by Rose King and Teresa Pasquini, and  committed to gaining an equal right to treatment of serious mental illnesses in all public mental health systems.

OUR VISION.   We will establish a right to treatment of serious mental illnesses that is equal to the guarantees for physical illnesses. Medicaid must entitle members to the same timely access, quality, and standards of care in a unified Public Health System. We envision an integrated system that recognizes mental health as an integral part ofmainstream medicine.


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