Transform the political environment and mobilize the demand for change. The RIGHT TO TREATMENT in effective Systems of Care mean healthier individuals, families, and communities—and major reductions in suicides, unnecessary early deaths, and incarcerations in county jails and state prisons. Testify, tell truths, report the waste and costly incompetence, and lift the veil of secrecy that allows prejudices to thrive. Help raise the voice of protest against discrimination—challenge the moral and fiscal justifications that maintain a deadly, punishing status-quo.


 TEACH—TOUCH—TRANSFORM is our three-step strategy. You Can Explain the need to ACT and    

  recruit other consumers, family members, providers to campaign for RIGHT TO TREATMENT.

FACTS-Family and Consumer

True Stories


Teach how discrimination works in the law, why can your county deny essential treatments covered by MediCal--deny proper treatment to their existing clients until they are in crisis? Why must untreated consumers wait until their mental illnesses worsens and an emergency occurs​?



Touch the capacity for motivating lawmakers and voters. Tell your story and the consequences of continued discrimination. Explain the stigma associated with a health system that denies essential treatment because prejudices reject the legitimacy of mental illnesses. Dedicated providers are confronted with an unethical work environment where they cannot meet known needs. Challenge the wisdom and justice of policies that deprive people of maximum possible health, condemn so many to marginal lives, and create unrelenting family chaos.