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    PROBLEM: NO ONE of any age is entitled to any defined       standard of appropriate treatment in Public Mental Health. No one

is entitled to the treatment they need regardless of severity of illness--and with or without MediCal coverage. 

   SOLUTION:Change History- California public officials need not invent new laws – or seek novel solutions—to address the State of Emergency in Public Mental Health. They can change California’s
shameful history of discrimination and fulfill the 50-year old promise

to deliver essential mental health services in our communities to    optimize quality of care and recovery.

Change the Budget—California public officials must eliminate the

“cap” on funding Medi-Cal mental health services. California
legislators and the governor only need to match the federal funding
for “medically necessary treatment” of serious mental illnesses—as they do in physical medicine.
Fund MediCal coverage of serious mental illnesses on the same terms as that for physical illnesses and disabilities.

Integrate physical and mental health care systems ​for an effective, efficient, healing public health system.  


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