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True Stories

1.Record, Post, and Publish true stories about the punishing consequences of California’s discriminatory and inhumane public mental health system.    
2.Testify to the truth about budget policies and proposed laws at public hearings in the Legislature and at state/county “stakeholder” meetings to inform bureaucrats, the press and public    3.Support press and news media efforts to investigate state/federal discrimination, the consequences, and system failures; maintain news contacts. Use your personal expertise as clients, providers, families to explain true consequences of county/state/federal acts and discriminatory policies of the Brown Administration.     4.Expose Waste of Prop 63 money that is supposed to fund and improve direct services. We must conduct the oversight because the state abandoned the job, allowing political and special interests to spend treatment funds on public relations and self-promotion, and fund favorite projects from a county Slush Fund of no benefit to public mental health. 5.Challenge traditional advocates and lobbyists who have become tools of ambitious politicians, and whose priorities are controlled by government grants. Special interests are rewarded by managing programs that are irrelevant at best, and can be harmful in undermining proven, science-based services that satisfy unmet needs of consumers.
6.Inform our friends and communities about state policies that deny Equal Access and Quality of Mental Illness Treatment. Help expand understanding of how California blocks benefits. Federal changes and expansion of MediCal and Medicaid Managed Care do not benefit uninsured or Medi-Cal insured in need of mental illness treatment.

Rose King and Teresa Pasquini

Founding Partners

Mental Illness FACTS

                                   Family and Consumer True Stories

True Stories Explain How California Law Enforces Discrimination. There is a great disparity between rights to treatment for physical and mental illnesses in California.County mental health systems make no guarantees of “medically necessary treatment.” Medicaid (MediCal) insurance isolates mental illness from mainstream medical care. We insist that our state stop assigning medical needs for mental illnesses to relatives, police, prison guards, and merciful charities. We will see an end to discriminatory isolation of mental illness treatment in a “carved-out”system, with no standards for access and quality.  Mental Illness FACTS is independent, informed, and dedicated to equal, quality treatment for all people with mental illnesses. It is time for a Right to Treatment and time to meet the essential health standards identified by the national Institute of Medicine (IOM): Safe, Equitable, Timely, Efficient, Patient-Centered, Effective. RIGHT TO TREATMENT—A Campaign of Mental Illness FACTS
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